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Building Renovation Services in Cairns and surrounding Areas


Concrete renovation — Concrete works in Machans Beach, QLD

Concrete Renovations in Cairns

Concrete is one of the strongest and most durable materials used in mainstream construction projects. There is a reason why so many homes, businesses and industrial locations in Cairns have several concrete structures in the interior and exterior of their respective properties. When you get a top company to complete a stellar construction project at your property that involves concrete, you can be sure that your concrete will remain in place for many decades to come. It is a durable material that will still look flawless ten, twenty or thirty years in the future, especially with the appropriate maintenance.

But we also understand that damage to concrete surfaces and structures can happen. Perhaps you were going through a renovation project that damaged one of your concrete structures. Maybe heavy traffic caused your driveway to develop excessive cracking. You may have noticed an area of your patio is looking a little worse for wear.

The good news is that you can count on JPM and Sons Concrete Constructions to provide the most efficient, affordable and thorough concrete repair services in the region. We can handle renovations and repairs without an issue, replacing existing surfaces and structures as necessary. We ensure that your home or business looks even better than it did before.

Driveway and Pavement Renovations

Did you have a concrete driveway installed at your home ten or twenty years ago? If the company that handled the work did not do a great job, you might have started to notice some cracks in the concrete in the past few years. Do not fear. JPM and Sons has the tools and experience to help you even if you have a modest budget for the repairs and renovation.

In some ways repairing the damage can present an excellent opportunity to enhance the look of your driveway, pathway, patio, pool surrounds or other concrete surfaces.

Instead of staring at the plain concrete for another ten or twenty years, you'll have an incredibly coloured, stenciled or patterned surface on the top. Now your driveway, path or patio area will look expensive, classy and as though it was taken out of a designer magazine.

Retaining Wall Renovations

A major renovation that we conduct for homeowners in the area is retaining wall constructions and repairs. Say you have an outdoor space that is not perfectly even. You are considering elevating your outdoor space, or you recently completed such a project. Now you are concerned that water from rainstorms or watering your grass and plants will drip down into other parts of the outdoor space. Retaining walls are excellent for such a purpose, while they can also add an elegant touch to an outdoor space. If you are hoping to have a solid and gorgeous retaining wall constructed on your property, JPM and Sons can help!