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Decorative Concreting

Decorative Concreting in Cairns and surrounding areas


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Decorative Concreting Services in Cairns

JPM and Sons Concrete Constructions specialises in performing decorative concreting work for domestic and commercial clients. Our decorative concreting work includes stencil concrete, decorative walls, exposed aggregate, stamp concreting, coloured concreting and sealing concrete. Part of the reason why we are the best company for such jobs is our experience in the Cairns area. We've worked for hundreds of homeowners and business owners in the past 28 years, giving us a unique angle when it comes to satisfying your requirements and desires.

Not only do we keep up with the latest trends, materials and techniques for decorative concreting, we also understand what is prevalent in the community.

Our exemplary work with our client, knowledge and industry experience are invaluable assets as we look to exceed your expectations with this project. We have the creativity, workforce, equipment and work ethic necessary to produce an incredible result that will wow you from the moment you lay eyes on it!

Decorative Concrete

Concrete is not only about solidity and durability. Decorative concrete has become a key element of home and business construction in Cairns in the past decade or two. Clients have the option of choosing their colours, hues, designs, patterns and finishes that will appeal to their tastes. Now you can not only ensure the durability of a structure but ensure that it appears personal and unique. Using decorative concrete services to finish off the indoor and outdoor structures you had constructed is a way to make the property your own. Think of the designer and elegant spaces that you assessed when you were thinking about your renovation plans. Now you can get your property to look the same - or even better!

The versatility of concrete means it can look like brick, rock, flagstone or tile while being a lot more affordable to install, maintain and repair! Say you want to set up the perfect pathway, patio and BBQ area and pool surround at your home. Our decorative concreting services will come in handy. The same is true if you want your driveway to shine compared to the rest of the neighbourhood. Was there a concrete project recently completed at your home or business? Whether we took charge of the project or another company handled the work we can cover the plain concrete with decorative designs that suit your tastes. If you want a specific aesthetic for your home or business we can help you achieve that look on a modest budget.

Stencilling, stamping, colouring and sealing can achieve different looks, patterns and designs, depending on what you prefer. Whether you have specific designs or ideas you wish to implement on your property, or you want us to offer you some options that would suit your structure and budget, we are ready to assist you. John has a painters' and decorative concreting license, along with the necessary experience to handle such jobs. Call JPM and Sons Concrete Constructions for the best decorative concreting service in Cairns.